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Powered paragliding

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Powered paragliding

Paramotoring is a relaxing but exhilarating form of aerosport. Flyers can experience the freedom of flight and the fresh air of the Jim Corbett National Park’s surroundings. In this Powered Paragliding Jim Corbett you will experience soaring over lush green jungle and lovely rivers. If you’re lucky, you might be able to view wild creatures while you’re flying.

If one is looking to take a bird eye view of Forest and Village then this “Air Safari” activity is for you. If you are lucky you may come across to bird eye view of large herd of Elephant. A pilot will take care of technical operation while in tandem guest can enjoy view of beautiful nature.
The take-off and landing site for power paragliding is in Choi Village. There are three alternative circuits after that, depending on the wind direction. These circuits provide a wonderful vantage point from which to view forests, towns, and orchards. The sport is quite well-liked worldwide and is regarded as being fairly safe.
The launching site is in the town of Choi, about 10 kilometres from Ramnagar, and visitors are expected to arrive there in their own vehicle.


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