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Dhikala Forest Rest Houses

Jim Corbett Forest Rest House Booking

About Dhikala Zone

The Dhikala Zone is the primary wildlife viewing zone in Jim Corbett. Named after the Dhikal grassland (the largest of its kind in Jim Corbett), this zone is well-famed for spotting the ferocious Bengal Tiger and Asiatic elephants. You can also spot leopards, deers, cobras, bears, and countless birds. Being so rich in flora and fauna, it’s a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers!

Dhikala Forest Rest Houses

If you are planning to stay overnight in the Dhikala zone, you can choose between five different options. In total, there are five forest rest houses out of which Dhikala forest rest house and Gairal forest rest house are the largest ones. They come with canteen facilities while the other three are relatively smaller rest houses with kitchen facilities for cooking food.
Oh and by the way, don’t worry about a leopard walking up to your room and eating you alive. All Dhikala forest houses have solar wire fencing to protect the visitors.

Forest Rest House

Dhikala Forest Lodge is a perfect wildlife getaway for adventurous families. Situated on the banks of the Ramganga reservoir, you can reach this beautiful location by entering Corbett National Park via Dhangarhi gate. Its lush surroundings offer a very picturesque setting for wildlife viewing.
While the stay is quite basic, it is the only forest rest house inside the Tiger Reserve which has electricity facilities inside the rooms. It is also the largest accommodation facility within Corbett National Park
The Dhikala forest rest house has a total of 25 rooms and 2 dormitories with 12 beds each (shared washrooms). There are two canteens within the premises which offer buffet meals and a-la-carte options

Gairal Forest Rest House

The Gharial forest rest house is located some 16 km inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve. It is the only rest house to have a canteen other than the Dhikala Forest Rest House. Being situated right on the banks of the Ramganga river, it is preferred by a lot of tourists who come to Corbett to enjoy a peaceful holiday. You get to see a beautiful view of the shimmering river with sal trees lining its banks.
There’s an 8-bedded dormitory, 4 new FRH rooms, and 2 old FRH rooms at Gairal forest rest house in Dhikala. Buffet meals are arranged in the canteen, however, no non-veg dish is allowed.
Unlike the Dhikala Forest Rest House, there’s no electricity in the Gairal forest rest house, other than solar power. However, its close proximity to the river keeps it cool and ideal even if you’re visiting Jim Corbett during the summers.

Khinnanauli Forest Rest House

The Khinnanauli Forest Rest House is a VVIP guest house in the Dhikala zone. It is located 26 km away from the Dhangarhi Gate and falls enroute the way to Dhikala Forest Guest House.
The stay is in close proximity to most of the main safari zones in Dhikala. There are 3 double-bedded rooms for visitors along with a kitchen facility and a room attendant.
It’s on the visitors to bring in the raw ration for cooking food in Khinnanauli Forest Rest House. The campus is quite spread out. So, you get to enjoy a nice morning/evening stroll amidst nature’s lap.
However, access to Khinnanauli Forest Rest House is usually limited for general tourists as they get booked out by departmental guests. Only offline booking is available.

Sarapduli Forest Rest House

This forest rest house is the most centrally located stay in the Dhikala tourism zone. Surrounded by forests and river beds, the Sarapduli Forest Rest House is great if you want to spot crocodiles or gharials. These reptiles bask in the sun on the sandbanks of the Ramganga river which are located near the forest rest house.
The stay features 2 basic rooms and 1 dormitory with 3 beds. There’s a kitchen with a room attendant at Sarapduli forest rest house. However, you’ll need to bring in your own ration for cooking. Powerbackup is limited to solar panels and inverters and no electricity.
This forest rest house in Dhikala zone is a perfect escape from the crowds for a private wildlife vacation with your loved ones

Sultan Forest Rest House

Named after Sulat Sot, a local seasonal stream, the Sultan Forest Rest House is a great stay option for nature lovers. The rest house lies approximately 9km inside the Dhikala zone of Jim Corbett and is the first accommodation you’d come across when you enter through the Dhangari Gate. Its serene lush environment makes it an easy option for travellers who seek peace and tranquillity.
With only 2 rooms, it is also perfect for travelers who enjoy a more private space for their holidays. There’s a kitchen facility, so you can bring in your ration and cook in the kitchen. Also there would be a room attendant who’ll look after all your necessities.
There’s no electricity in Sultan Forest House. The only thing you’d be relying on are solar panels/inverters. You can book your stay online with 45 days of prior notice.
However, note that true luxury lies in being one with nature! All the Dhikala forest rest houses provide you luxury in the form of taking you closer to nature and wildlife. They are basic stays but spacious and comfortable nonetheless. All stays have attached washrooms with running water, western toilets, and a wash basin. Only Dhikala Forest Rest House has electricity. However, there’s no TV or AC in the rooms in any of the rest houses. If you are expecting resort-level luxury, Dhikala forest rest houses might not be the best option for you (Although we can help you with resorts in Jim Corbett outside the reserve forest area).
Bookings for Dhikala forest rest houses happen part online and part offline. To make the process hassle-free, we customize Dhikala packages for travelers like you! Our packages include provisions for overnight stay at Dhikala forest rest houses along with safari permits in the Dhikala zone.
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