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Corbett waterfall

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Jim Corbett Waterfall

One of the must-see locations in Jim Corbett is a Jim Corbett Waterfall that is 66 feet tall. To get to this magnificent place, you must hike a little. Additionally, it becomes a sight to see on full moon evenings that mesmerises people. The falls are encircled by lush trees, which contribute to the tranquil atmosphere.

Thus, after spending time on a jungle excursion, you can come or arrange a picnic near the lovely Corbett Waterfall. In this well-known section of the National Park, you will undoubtedly experience one of the best feelings.
Three kilometres from Kaladhungi are the Corbett Falls, which are warmly welcomed by nature and the sound of water. The popular Kempty falls in Mussoorie are relatively close by, however Corbett Falls is less visited by tourists and residents than Kempty Falls.
The appeal of the cool, clear water flowing from a height is worth praising. However, even before you get there, the route to the Corbett waterfall will enchant you. The gurgling sound of the 20-meter-high Corbett Falls is accompanied by the chirps of hundreds of birds.
The area around Corbett Falls is wonderful for camping, picnics, and resting. For the visitors, the forest authorities have given the bare necessities. There are frequent transportation options available here, allowing lovers of nature to conveniently take in the splendour. Feel the peace extending all around you as you enjoy the greenery and the sound of birds chirping in the distance.
The rustling of the leaves and the deathly calm in Corbett Fall are undoubtedly beautiful. The vast area surrounding the water falls offers excellent camping and parking options. It’s a lovely picnic area. The “Nature Walk” museum is a nearby destination where visitors can get a sense of unadulterated nature in all its tranquilly and basic beauty.


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