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Corbett Jeep Safari Booking


Jim Corbett national park is known for land of Tigers, wild elephants, lot of birds and many more species. Everyone who visits can book online jeep safari to explore its fauna and flora. Jim Corbett has two types of jungle safari (jeep safari in Corbett and canter safari in Corbett). The jeep safari at Jim Corbett is considered to be the most popular mode of safari as it gives access to all the routes compared to canter which explores only the main routes. Canter safaris are shared bus safari which has 16-person seating capacity and is only for Dhikala zone. Tourism zone of Corbett National Park are divided in five zones. These zones are Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela and Durga Devi. The safari tour (jeep or canter) is organized in two shifts, i.e. Morning and Evening. Government issue limited number of permits for every safari zone. Each zone has its own inherited charisma with distinct flora and fauna. For all safaris only Government Registered Vehicle and Jeeps are allowed.
A brief introduction about all the five Jeep Safari zones for which safari is organized in the Corbett National Park
The Bijrani zone is the zone which gives an eye-catching sight of the royal Bengal tiger. This zone is the most demanded zone after Dhikala. An extensive range of wildlife species is found in this zone. the massive Grasslands, thick Sal forest and numerous water streams, the area of the Bijrani zone is as magnificent as the Dhikala. Bijrani zone has immense tiger population. Over the year’s nature lovers and wild life photographers have captured award winning photographs of tigers from this zone. Wildlife lovers can book online safari permits to explore this zone. The safari takes place in two shifts and only 30 jeeps are allowed in a single shift. One jeep safari can accommodate maximum of 6 adults and 2 children. Valid permit and guide are mandatory to get the entry in Dhikala zone.
The Jhirna zone is located on the southern edge of the Jim Corbett national park. This zone is one of the most visited zones. Apart from tigers and sloth bear a vast variety of wildlife is found in this zone. Other animals like wild elephants, sambar and various species of deer along with a large number of bird species are found in Jhirna. The safari takes place in two shifts (Morning and evening) and only 30 Jeeps are allowed in a single shift. One jeep safari can accommodate maximum of 6 adults and 2 children of age below 12 years.
The Dhela zone is one of the popular zones in Jim Corbett national park. This zone is the only zone which remains open all over the year for jeep safari. The zone is embraced with dense trees, massive grasslands and also has big and numerous water streams. This zone is comprised of vast animal species like tigers, leopards, reptiles and lastly has a wide variety of birds and is the best zone for bird lovers. The safari takes palcein two shifts and only 30 jeeps are allowed in a single shift. One jeep safari can accommodate maximum of 6 adults and 2 children. A guide is essential with the jeep to get the entry.
Durgadevi is the heaven zone for the tourists who love wildlife specially birds. The zone is located on the northeast periphery of Jim Corbett national park and consists of substantial flora and fauna. The streams of Ramganga River and Mandal River are the heart and soul of this zone. Durgadevi is not only famous of tigers but also for wild elephants, leopard and birds which can be sighted at domunda bridge. The well-known fish Mahsheer fish can be sighted in the river streams of this zone. The birds constituted in this zone are Gray Headed Fishing Eagle, Maroon Orile, Black chinned Yuhina, Long Tailed Broadbill, slaty blue flycatcher, bar tailed tree creeper and many more.
The Sitabani (Corbett Landscape) zone is reserved forest located near by Corbett Tiger Reserve. It has beautiful landscape view and some river streams along with one old famous temple of Lord Shiva. You may find plenty of animals like elephants, deer, and others in Corbett Landscape area. It is a reserve forest zone and tigers or leopards sighting are less, but if they are in search of prey, we may spot them. A large number of bird species found in this zone, where most of them are migratory birds. The zone is a heaven for the bird watchers.
Clothes during Jeep Safari:
On a Corbett jeep safari, one should wear clothes according to the season or weather. During the summer season a pair of cotton clothes is good for morning Corbett safari. A hat is also important which saves from the direct sunrise to prevent sun burn and itching. Whereas during winters the visitors should carry jackets, gloves, etc., to avoid shivering winds.
How to book online jeep safari in Corbett
Jeep Safari Permits can be reserved online through govt website. Once permits are reserved then everyone has to arrange approved Gypsy. The whole package for Jeep Safari can be booked through jeep consolidators. One of the well-known and famous consolidators in Corbett is Explore Corbett. Explore Corbett ensure you get best services and value of money through their experience drivers and good condition 4×4 vehicle.
Jeep Safari availability is based on first come first serve basis. It is always recommended book your jeep safari in advance prior to your travel date.


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